Andrew Douglas

Grant Officer for the City of Mississauga


Andrew Douglas was born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario. Andrew attended university in Ottawa and remained there before moving to Hamilton in 2012. Andrew currently works as the Grants Coordinator for the City of Mississauga. Andrew has spearheaded the move to digitizing Mississauga’s grant process, developed a grants policy to align with all Mississauga’s grant programs, led a grants study which saw $2 per capita increase in cultural grant funding, modernized the City’s grant process, and managed the alignment of Mississauga’s grant programs and standardization of grant processes. 

Andrew is currently working to improve alignment between the City of Mississauga’s strategic priorities laid out in the Future Directions Strategic Plans, approved by Council in 2019, and the grants programs which support these priorities. He is also working with community groups to better understand how the grant programs can support their work. 

“I am on the Board of Centre [3] because of the impact they have in the community. I am proud to be part of an organization that is affecting people’s lives all over the City and beyond. From artists to members of the diverse communities which make up Hamilton, you can see the meaningful impact Centre [3] has and how it is improving the lives of the people it serves.”

Charity Miskelly

RBC: Manager, Client Care


Charity Miskelly is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Centre[3] and a Mortgage Specialist with the Royal Bank of Canada. Charity grew up in rural southwestern Ontario and now resides in Ancaster. Charity holds an Honours BFA and a postgraduate diploma in Arts Management, both from Western University. Charity also obtained Investment Funds in Canada certification through Canadian Securities Institution. Professionally, Charity provides home financing and credit advice at RBC. 

Charity is on the board of Centre[3] “to contribute to the humble, meaningful, and significant contributions of an organization that is truly committed to the betterment of our society and community through a commitment to the arts. I am a huge supporter of the arts with strong belief in the power of the arts as a portal for understanding purpose, ourselves and each other, and as a driving force behind community action.”

Steve Gaul

CA At Deloitte


Originally from Dundas, Ontario, Steve Gaul now resides in Oakville. Steve holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Brock University and is currently a Chartered Accountant (Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario) for Deloitte.

Steve is on the Board of Directors for Centre[3] “to be a part of an organization which collaborates and gives back to the community through social enterprise programs for youth.”

Teba Faisal

Artist and Illustrator


Teba Faisal was born in Baghdad, Iraq. Teba came to Canada in 2013 and lived in Mississauga until moving to Hamilton for university in 2017. Teba is an artist and illustrator, and is in their third year at McMaster University’s studio arts program.  


“As an emerging artist and student, I’m invested in the art community and what it provides for other artists. Being on the board of an active art centre in the Hamilton community gives me the opportunity to voice the need for programs and workshops designed to enable other young and emerging artists.”

David Hosten

Entrepreneur, Financial Broker


David Hosten was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in the Caribbean. David moved to Canada in 1985 and has been living in Hamilton since 2001. David previously worked in the financial and technology sectors, and is now a DARTS driver. David has exhibited his photography professionally in Ottawa and Hamilton. Previously, David was the founder and publishing editor of International Free Press (TIME magazine – NETWATCH – August 16, 1994). David is currently working on his next exhibition and working towards a publication of short stories. 

“I have always loved the arts; my father was a painter and my grandmother a poet and lyricist. After spending years on other boards, the opportunity came where I could join Centre3 and I jumped at the opportunity to connect more with the arts in Hamilton.”

Jim Ruxton

Media Artist


Originally from Toronto, Jim Ruxton now lives in Hamilton and has been here since 2011. Jim holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, and A.O.C.A. from OCAD University. Jim was the founder and Director of Programs for Subtle Technologies, a Toronto-based organization that brings together artists and scientists to share their work and create new partnerships and projects. Jim has a number of patents in LED lighting, founded and ran Subtle Technologies for 20 years, received two Dora awards for work in theatre, and was awarded numerous grants for various arts-based projects. Jim Ruxton is an electrical engineer and artist. He likes to collaborate with other artists in film, dance, theatre, sound, and installation to create interdisciplinary works. Jim also teaches workshops and helps other artists realize their projects. Jim also works as an engineer for science museums and creating specialized lighting design for the film industry. 

“I really like the community aspect to Centre[3]’s mission and mandate. It is an opportunity for me to work with a group of people that also believe in                                                   fostering community. Also, the management and staff of Centre[3] are a pleasure and inspiring to work with.”

Aaron Hutchinson

New Media Artist


Aaron Hutchinson is an award-winning musician, producer, and sound artist from Hamilton, Ontario. Aaron holds a B.A&Sc in Neuroscience and Music and a MA in New Media Art, both from McMaster University. Aaron is a cofounder of Hamilton Audio Visual Node, a member of CA$INO, and cofounder and operator of the Fort Rose recording facility. 

Achievements include:

  • (2019) Winner – Shirley Elford Emerging Artist Prize in Music (Hamilton Arts Awards)
  • (2019) Assistant Sound Designer to Lea Bertucci at Pig Iron Theatre New York City development workshops for theSuperTerranian
  • (2019 – present) Hamilton Winterfest 2019 & 2020 Stage Coordinator & Technical Director
  • (2018 – present) Co-founder and operator of the Fort Rose recording studio
  • (2017 – present) Stage Manager, Artistic and Technical Assistant at the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
  • (2017 – present) Member on the Board of Directors for Centre[3]
  • (2017, 2018) Technical Director for the Something Else! Festival of Creative Music

Aaron currently works as the Stage Manager and Artistic Administration Associate for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, as the Production Coordinator for Esprit Orchestra (Toronto), and as a freelance audio engineer, producer, musician, and sound technician. 

“I was impressed and moved by the impact of Centre[3] on many artists’ and other folks’ lives. It is an organization that is foundational to my creative ‘scene’. I think that serving this organization is useful and beneficial to my community.”

Melissa Murray-Mutch

Artist, actor and teaching artist


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Melissa Murray-Mutch is a recent arrival from Union City, New Jersey (August 2018). Melissa spent her adult life and theatre training in New York City. Melissa is a professional actress and teaching artist.  She made her theatrical debut in Hamilton with the Canadian premiere of David Auburn’s play “Lost Lake” for the Hamilton Fringe Festival. She also performed in Light Echo Theatre’s inguaral production of Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” at the Staircase Theatre as well as Tony Vierra’s Plan B series also at the Staircase. In NY, she performed with the American Slavery Project’s “Unheard Voices,” Hudson Theatreworks, The Fire This Time Festival as well as the New Perspectives Theater. Off-Broadway: “Death of the Liberal Class” ( The New Ohio Theater), “Playboy of the West Indies”, and “Babes in Boyland”(Lincoln Center Theater), and in the regional theater production of  “This” by Melissa James Gibson at the Shaker Bridge Theater in New Hampshire. Film and T.V. credits include the short film “Hungry,” “The Coroner,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and “Sesame Street.” Melissa is a proud member of CAEA, ACTRA, AEA & SAGAFTRA.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Melissa was employed as a teaching artist for Theatre Aquarius, Young People’s Theatre of Toronto, Art Gallery of Hamilton Education, and as a Standardized Patient (actor) for McMaster University Centre for Simulation Based Learning. 

“I was nominated to be on the board. Upon arrival in Hamilton, I was immediately smitten with the city and the art community. It’s so refreshing after leaving the Big Apple to be a part of a populace of artists who are accessible, unpretentious, and truly invested in serving the people of Hamilton through the arts. I am proud to be part of what I believe is one of the major driving forces for diversity and inclusion in Hamilton, Centre[3].”

Colleen Reid

Architect, Professor At OCADU


Originally from north Toronto, Colleen Reid has lived in Hamilton for the past 20 years. Colleen is a practicing architect who has taught at OCAD University (in Toronto) for 26 years, of which she was the Assistant Dean, Associate Dean or Acting Dean for 11 years. Colleen has taught in the Faculty of Design, focusing on the Environmental Design Program. Colleen’s architectural practice concentrates on administrative, community, multi-tenant residential, and school buildings for First Nations throughout Ontario. Additionally, Colleen practices art in painting and collage, and has completed an Art Thesis at McMaster University. Colleen’s important accomplishments include working on school feasibility studies for five First Nations bands, three in the far north of Ontario. One of these studies was for a Thunder Bay high school for First Nations, Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, which includes a much needed live-in building supporting students from northern communities. Colleen is currently working on the administrative building and council chamber for the Saugeen First Nation on Lake Huron (under construction), and has just completed design and tendering for a community building for Wasauksing First Nation (Parry Sound). All buildings are designed to represent, support and respect their community’s rich cultural heritage.

Colleen is part of Centre[3]’s board “to provide support to the art community in Hamilton and to further develop interaction within the artist community.”

Richard Kobby Crabbe



Richard Kobby Crabbe is originally from Accra, Ghana, on the west coast of Africa. He has lived in Hamilton for the past 12 years. Richard is a freelance photographer and videographer, as well as a child and youth worker / life skills coach. Achievements include freelance photography work for the City of Hamilton, the Afro Canada Caribbean Association of Hamilton (ACCA), and the Ghana Association of Hamilton. Richard is currently working on commercials and promos for several organizations. 

“I joined the board to contribute in any positive way to the organization and to give back to the community. I also see it as a great opportunity to expand my intellect by learning from the rich experience of diverse members on the board. The arts, I believe, is an effective means of communicating with people from all walks of life…appreciatively.”

Brenda Ferguson

COO at Today’s Family


Brenda Ferguson has lived in the Hamilton area for most of their life. Brenda is the Chief Operating Officer for a not-for-profit charitable early learning organization that operates in Hamilton, Halton, and Haldimand Norfolk. 

“My first degree is in music. Music and the arts have always played a pivotal role in my life. In the work we do with young children and families, the arts is a primary language for children. They communicate via the arts, making their thinking visible. With a fundamental belief that arts transform community, it is a privilege to be able to volunteer on the board of Centre [3] to support the visionary work they do in our community.”