Re: Brand Hamilton

Re: Brand Hamilton will engage youth (15-24 years old) from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds in research on Hamilton’s existing and new historical and cultural sites for the purpose of making these sites more relevant to youth and visitors. Youth will be from local First Nations (from Woodland Cultural Centre), African Canadian (African Canadian Caribbean Centre), New Canadian (YMCA, Immigrant Women’s Centre and New Globe Youth Centre), LGBTQ (The Well/Radar youth groups), Street-involved communities (Notre Dame Youth Shelter, Living Rock Resource Centre and ReCreate Open Studio) and from both the public and separate School Boards. Youth will visit and research civic museums, landmarks and cemeteries, in addition to locations that are significant to their personal heritage and to the collective history of the larger community.

Through an iterative process of participatory research workshops, youth will create and produce model tour guides and promotional materials to Hamilton’s attractions that will connect effectively with non-traditional tourist and community audiences. The materials will be spread to all high schools and other respective groups to promote future engagement. Work for this project will be coordinated through the staff and resources at Centre3 and with various community partners. The project’s processes and products will directly contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the Hamilton region and also ensure future youth imprint, accessibility and engagement in a wider context.

Re: Brand Hamilton is generously supported by: