(Re)Print 2012

(Re)Print invested and increased Centre3’s commitment to diverse artistic activities by linking professional artists with three marginalized youth groups in Hamilton in a creative collaborative relationship. The three youth groups were NGen (formerly known as The New Globe), Radar (the Well LGBTQ Community Wellness Centre) and Montcalm (Immigrant Women’s Centre). The practicing artists involved were Stephen Fakiyesi, Daryl Vocat, Brendan Fernandes, Matt McInnes, Chris Saba and Becky Katz.

Hamilton is a city that contains a cultural diversity that is not always reflected in the programming showcased in its cultural venues. Centre3 helped to resolve this disconnect by showcasing the (Re)Printexhibition that speaks to the diverse population that it serves. (Re)Print explored and examined how the circulation of stereotypes informs mainstream perceptions of marginalized groups, especially the ways in which stereotypes become accepted as the norm. Collectively the artists and the youth from the respective groups explored histories and lived realities. Interrogating the pervasiveness and authenticity of (mis)perceptions of race, sexuality, gender and nationality, each of the participating artists and youth engaged in visual dialogues of identity.

Drawing on the themes and issues that were addressed by the participating artists acted as a springboard for constructive dialogue on perceptions vs. identity. Each artist was paired with a community group due to the content and/or nature of their overall artistic practice, i.e. each artist’s work explores issues and themes that would hold relevance for the community group. Stephen Fakiyesi’s work explores issues related to African diasporic identity; therefore, he worked with the youth from the Immigrant Women’s Centre; Daryl Vocat’s practice explores issues related to queer identity thus he led the workshop for the Well’s youth group RADAR; Brendan Fernandes’ practice explores issues related to language, immigration and nationality; therefore, he worked with youth from NGen.

Centre3 feels that the artistic process is as important as the final outcome. It was exciting to witness personal accomplishment cultivated as youth collaborated with artists to see their collective ideas move from mind to plan to completion.  Expressing their opinions, ideas and emotions, built self-esteem and team spirit in the experience.

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