Since 2016, Centre[3] and the Mental Health Rights Coalition have partnered to present Sitelines, an ongoing project that offers access to the arts for adults with lived experience of mental health and/or addiction by providing free art-based workshops, courses, and open studios. This project aims to have a lasting impact for participants via artistic and cultural enrichment.
Over three years, Sitelines has been able to provide free art programming for over 300 people to engage in the community, find their voice, and share stories.

“Sitelines was deeply concerned with my autonomy, with making work that I wanted to do, and to help me realize concepts and ideas that were not just about my depression, autism, or anxiety…. It felt like a space where risk was rewarded, and that people were allowed to be who they were. I never felt unsafe in the basement print studio, and I feel unsafe most places. They [Sitelines facilitators] were encouraging, curious, and committed to having the best work come out of that space.”Steacy Easton, Sitelines participant.

Sitelines is reaching out to our community to help continue this program.

With your support, we will continue to offer:  a weekly open studio and a variety of courses and workshops including painting en plein air, photography, songwriting, drumming, DJing, poetry, sculpture, screen printing, documentary making, and so much more.

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Open Studio is every single Monday (even on Holidays) from 3:30-6:30pm at Art Forms Studio located at 126 James Street North.

We also offer one-off events such as Art Crawl Guided Tours.

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Starting this month, Sitelines is back with a professional development twist, offering courses and workshops for artists that focus on skill development to assist in creative entrepreneurship. 


(3 weeks: Fridays October 18, November 1, 15, 4-6pm)

Organizing Chaos is a 3-part workshop that focuses on artmaking as a means to settle the mind and ease anxieties. Participants are welcomed to first participate in small grounding movements and/or breathing exercises before directing focus to traditional hand-cut collaging. 
A 2016 Drexel University study found a significant decrease in the stress-related hormone cortisol in art workshop participants ranging in both age and creative experience. Researchers observed a change after as little as 45 minutes of artmaking. 
Participants are invited to share space for two hours each session using found images, magazines and books in an attempt to express, reconnect to and make sense of their inner workings. All materials will be provided, however bringing personal items to work with is also encouraged. 
Instructor: S. Starr
Location: 126 James St. N

Marketing Your Art Visually

(3 weeks: Wednesdays October 23-November 6)

In this 3-part series you will learn to photograph and market your art. Using your mobile phone or camera*, learn how to document your work, organize the files, and price and market your work.
Photographing your Art (October 23, 5-7pm)
        Having good pictures of your art and products is an important part of developing your practice. This short class will lay down the basics and allow you to have images ready for high-quality reproductions, marketing and archival purposes. Through the use of lighting, cameras and scanners you can have beautiful pictures.
Organizing your Photos (October 30, 5-7pm)
        Organizing ones Images is an easy way to give you the power to sort through many years of images as well as prepare for any editing that may be needed. You will learn about creating naming conventions and file structures to aid in your process of creation.
Marketing and Pricing (November 6, 6-7pm)
        Pricing and marketing your art is challenging and often an afterthought. This quick session aims to give you some ideas on how to tailor your prices and product lines as well as understand the avenues to market your art or products.
*Camera rentals available upon request. 
Instructor: A. Borghesan
Location: 173 James St. N

Low- to No- Cost Marketing for Artists

(Friday November 8, 2-4pm)

Low to no cost marketing! Learn what social media channels are relevant to your business. We will spend some time setting up what social media profiles you’d like to participate in learn how to promote your art online.
Instructor: P. Taylor
Location: 173 James St. N

Looking for Jobs in the Arts Sector

(2 weeks: Wednesdays November 13-20, 6-7pm)

Learn how to appropriately portray your personal skills and interests within your job applications in order to enhance your career search outcomes.
Items to bring: printed resume & cover letter, as well as editable online versions (if applicable). 
Instructor: D. Matar
Location: 173 James St. N

Comedic Exploration: Move Your Body Towards Creativity

(Thursday November 21, 12:30-3pm)

Exploring movement and playing with comedy to try new forms of creativity. All bodies, all brains, all abilities.
Instructor: J. Boston
Location: 126 James St. N

Designing Your Business Card

(Friday November 22, 2-4pm)

Low to no cost marketing! Learn what social media channels are relevant to your business. We will spend some time setting up what social media profiles you’d like to participate in learn how to promote your art online.
Instructor: P. Taylor
Location: 173 James St. N

Writing an Artist Biography

(Thursday November 28, 2-4pm)

Bio writing can be one of the most difficult yet essential parts of connecting with your audience as an Artist.
Through the use of words an artist’s biography can elevate the you, the artist, to a place in the minds of the viewer that can be relatable, mysterious, convey a sense of humor or cut right to the chase with the facts.
This workshop will engage the artist through word play, active and participatory conversation and hands on activities to craft your very own unique artists bio.
Instructor:  D. Hill
Location: 126 James St. N

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