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Art Education And Community Arts Exhibition

Students of greater Hamilton region and community participants

June 12 - July 4, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, June 12

Art Education 

Over the past 8 months, Centre3 for Print and Media Arts’ Education programming was brought to over 10 schools and organizations in Hamilton’s core and surrounding areas, including: Hess Street,

Bennetto, Sir John A MacDonald, Monseigneur de Laval, St. Martin’s Manor, Helen Detwiler, St. Anne, Prince of Wales, Wesley Urban Ministries’ Neighbourhood & Newcomer Services, and Pathways to Education—subsequently reaching over 1000 children and youth.

Centre3 uses the arts as a vehicle to connect, empower, and inspire high-needs & under-privileged children and youth in the City of

Hamilton by connecting curriculum-based subjects with a printmaking or media arts medium. Our Art Education program brings professional artists into the schools, and schools into the studio, to create both

traditional and contemporary art. By engaging in dialogue that

stretches their imagination, students explore how the visual arts can be an essential form of communication.


Community Arts 

Using art as a vehicle, Centre3 connects, educates and collaborates with citizens on a local, regional, national and international level. Centre3 is a centre for artists to create, produce and showcase art. Our Community Arts Program collaborates with diverse community groups across our region in a creative experience. Connecting Art, Education and Community, Centre3 helps our community distinguish itself.

This year’s Community Arts Exhibition includes artwork made through intergenerational and multi-cultural projects

Seniors Connect Phase 2: Life Lessons

Hyphenated Home

Art Match

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