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Hitoko Okada

November 7 - December 5, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, November 13

Bling! is a humourous response to our economic downturn and is a satirical questioning of our consumerist social values. The candy colored gems are a playful irony of our culture of excess and acquisitions of status and luxury. Each piece in the collection is one of a kind, handmade and screen printed on 100% cotton jersey. Bling! is a product of our current economic recession.
Clothing The mini collection is made from 100% cotton jersey. The gems are screen printed in bright celebratory colors which is in direct contrast to our current economic mood. Asymmetrical hems and lines are repeated throughout the collection which is a reference towards imbalance, and contrasts the full shapes in billowed hem lines, gathered pockets and stuffed gems suggesting excess and fullness. A bauble necklace is screen printed in the front with a bateau neckline, and an open back showcases strung up double-sided gems.
Accessories The cluster neckpiece is a collage of inflated and deflated gems mounted on a felt backing and suspended by Mokuba ribbons, aluminum chains, resin rings and tagua nut beads. The bouquet brooch is made with a cluster of stuffed gems with a ribboned tassel.