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Emerging Artist Residency: Ron Siu & mashal Khan

Ron Siu, mashal khan

febraury 28 - april 11, 2020

Reception: Friday, March 13 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

mashal khan – learning to breathe again

“all that you touch, you change. all that you change, changes you. the only lasting truth is change. god is change.” – Octavia E. Butler

learning to breathe again is an amalgamation of memories, joy, stillness, change and whimsical moments put together to ground the artist and her community in the present. we, as systematically racialized bodies and communities are not rooted in our oppression. we resist and it is in that resistance that we are able to find our breath again. we are not peripheral to structures that centre whiteness, ableism, colonialism, imperialism, patriarchy, racialized capitalism and other violent and insidious oppressions. we are the centre.

Ron Siu – When You’re In The Throes 

When You’re In The Throes is new print-based work by Ron Siu that takes Yaoi – gay-themed Japanese graphic Romance novels – as its point of departure. Siu explores the softly sensual and sentimental depictions of young men typical to the genre. In his figures, emphasis is placed on a sense of intimacy in awakening desires, rather than overt sexuality. The young men appear in the throes of a deep internal drama, as if on the verge of being overwhelmed by their emotional energy. Siu places these romanticized, archetypal youths in dialogue, connecting them to contemporary perceptions around desire and identity.



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