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Emerging Artist Residency

Chelsea Bellrose & Morgan Kamocki Allaby

March 6 - April 11, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, March 13

This unique residency program provides top emerging artists with the opportunity to work in a co-operative, artist run centre environment, allowing them to hone their skills in both print and digital media. In the print studio, artists engage in traditional printmaking practices such as screen printing, lithography, relief, and etching. In the digital and media art studios, artists may develop their photography skills or work on video and films.

Working alongside master printmakers and noted artists in the region, as well as participating in professional development workshops, this program also invites artists to take part in master classes, seminars, and courses throughout the year. The program also includes assisting them with understanding how to write grants, build their artistic resumes, and develop exhibition proposals.


Chelsea Bellrose - Snake

Chelsea Bellrose – Snake

Town and Country

Chelsea Bellrose


Chelsea Bellrose is an artist from Sudbury, Ontario. Her work plays in the tension between the established processes of printmaking and the mischievous look of her imagery. Her recent work, which was created at Centre[3], focuses on the relationship between humans, animals and our shared environments. Chelsea’s lithographs and screen prints have been exhibited in Sudbury, Kingston, and Toronto. She currently lives in Montreal.



Morgan Kamocki Allaby - REACH

Morgan Kamocki Allaby – REACH

The Social Male

Morgan Kamocki Allaby


Morgan Kamocki Allaby is an artist currently based in Southern Ontario. His work explores masculinity as constructed through interaction and personal traits. The hybrid figures in this body of work, portrayed with line drawings and silhouettes, have distinguishing features that set them apart from each other. These differences, such as size or strength, generate a subtle conflict and suggest the weight of gendered visual cues. Morgan’s work has been exhibited in Banff, Toronto and Hamilton.