members Gallery

Into The Woods

Morgan Kamocki Allaby

September 1 - September 28, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, September 9 – 7-10 pm

Morgan’s work explores masculinity as constructed through interaction and individual traits, using compositions of male hybrids. Their encounters are a mix of struggles for dominance and affectionate contact, looking at the role of human behaviors in the expression of maleness. The natural features in this body of work, including stumps, rocks, and leaves, provide a setting for interaction to happen and hint at a larger environment. The figures are simultaneously warmed by company and lost in the woods. The freshly cut trunks and the rock ledges highlight the vulnerability of the individual figures, with the natural world on bare skin, and connects them to their animal roots. The hybrids have distinguishing features that set them apart from one another. These differences, such as size or weight, generate a subtle conflict and suggest that competition is at the core of most masculine gestures. Morgan Kamocki Allaby is an artist based in Southern Ontario.He works with print, drawing, and sculpture. Morgan’s work has been exhibited in Banff, Toronto, and Hamilton.