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Living Fossil

Paula Krochak

November 11 - December 3, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, November 11

Ginkgo leaves are termed “living fossils” for the fact that they have remained essentially unchanged from earlier geologic times and were at once considered to be an extinct species until re-discovery.*In this body of work Paula Krochak deconstructs the shape of ginkgo leaves and other forms found in nature into basic shapes, lines and parabolic curves. Creating works that are influenced by the relationship between mathematical equations and patterns that can be identified in nature, she often uses this as a starting point for her work and undermines and modifies the authority of balance and rational through the addition of hand drawn elements. Shown alongside prints on paper are the zinc etching plates the artist used to create her works as way of illustrating the extent of her engagement in printmaking.* Julie Jalalpour et al. (1997). “Ginkgoales: Fossil Record”. University of California, Berkeley.