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Objects Subject to Change

Ingrid Mayrhofer

November 9 - November 30, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, November 9

After clearing one acre of bush in Tay Township in the fall of 1999, I planted 300 pine, spruce and fir seedlings the following spring. All but one of the seedlings survived the first summer and winter. However, the extreme drought in the summer of 2001 and blight in the fall caused more than half the young trees to die. Instead of replacing the trees, I began to collect objects from the abandoned farm, and placed them in the field. Photographs, drawings and drypoints of the field during different seasons, weather, and stages of labour, narrate how the trees grow at the same time as the objects sink into the ground. Ingrid Mayrhofer is the Project Coordinator for Nu Deal at C3.