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Various Arists

Curated By: Hitoko Okada

July 11 - August 23, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, July 11

Artists Include:

Carol Priamo | Mary Kroetsch | Abena Asomaning | Callie Archer | Amanda Damsma | Maureen Steuart | Karen Bergsteinsson | Linda Joyce Ott | Morgan Kamoki Allaby | Laine Groeneweg | Ingrid Mayrhofer | Hana Pinthus Rotchild | Becky Katz | Melanie Gillis


patchWORK references the cross-cultural craftsmanship of restoring and returning relevance to refuse through the hand-made. It is an act that values resourcefulness, transformation, preservation and history.

Selected works by Centre3 member artists reflect an open interpretation of this concept. Pieces are presented in groups or pairs that share a similar relationship to the theme conceptually, or through process or content. Some of these relationships include: merging traditional methods with new techniques or technologies; up-cycling – creating new work from old; exploring personal history as fragmented memories; and hand stitching as expressions of preservation, love, labour, and humanity.