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Politicucka: Vote or Don’t

Becky Katz

September 2 - September 28, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, September 11

As the next federal election approaches, I am fascinated by the conversation, or lack thereof, surrounding it.

I ask people who if anyone they are going to vote for. And I find a polarity of passion and apathy in their answers. Politics becomes personal and taboo when discussed with particular people. My interest in their political choice does not necessarily lie within their answer, but rather in how they arrived at it. If everyone (who is literate) has relatively the same access to information, then what is their approach to shaping their vote, or making the decision not to vote?

Are you going to vote?
Are you going to vote strategically?
What do you care most about?
What are your priorities?
From where or whom is your information provided?
Under what or whose influence are you forming your very own and
independently thought-out opinion?
Do you trust the electoral process?
Is that why you’re not going to vote? Is it?

Because of their certainty, my admiration is for those who are passionate in their answers. But why are they so certain? Surely not
everyone can think for himself or herself, so where do these biases come from? Where do my biases come from? What part of my personal history and experiences dictate my opinions?

Politicucka is a series of five screenprints created in the last month, based on my own interpretation of four of the party leaders, both through the media, and through conversations I’ve had with the passionate and the apathetic. Composing an ostensible impartial position while depicting these characters was difficult, as I have since been infected by my own biases. How did I arrive here? These political posters are endorsements in their own right. Can you tell whom I’ll be voting for? Or, if be voting at all?