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Susan Kordalewski

Susan Kordalewski

March 14 - April 5, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, March 14

Faced with the contradiction of impermanence, which asserts that the self is ephemeral, my work grasps desperately to the experience of the individual so as to affirm it’s significance. Through the production of art that functions as an on-going archive, I make each moment incredibly important – asserting and inserting myself – while also acknowledging that each individual moment is itself incomplete, and that the curation and editing of these moments is meaningful. This process of filtering my own life in real time implicates the unknowable future in the present moment, while relying on an imaginary and constant gaze. Through this archival process I struggle to apply pseudo-scientific ordering to the non-linearity of emotion, in order to make sense of, and chart, progression and change in thinking. In the hard sciences there are formulas and proofs; scientific method, journal publications, and reference lists. In our personal lives there are a series of moments that shape our path; that can be ignored or assigned value, and that are often rewritten when considered with retrospect. Driven by a desire to contain, categorize, represent, and summarize these fluctuating emotions, my work demonstrates an almost obsessive need to arrive at some concrete truth.

Equally important to my work is the diversity of media I use; the embedded meaning of the formal elements deeply inform the content and reading of each work. If photographic images are inherently dead, I seek to expand the duration captured, creating photos that contain past and present in a single frame. While the mechanization of print-media compliments the ‘filtering’ that is so pervasive in my practice; traditional printmaking methods produce reproductions of hand-drawn imagery, creating mirror-images that are of the artist’s hand but one step removed.

Having developed a mature language of symbols and iconography, my works utilizes a pared down visual language laden with metaphor. If our choices are underlined by metaphor, communicating these is an important part of illuminating the reality of our motivations; digging to the bottom of what makes us twitch and tick and move.

Driven by the desire to order my surroundings, my diaristic works point to the nonlinearity of experience while also seeking to distill and classify it into something linear. That is the tension in my work – the drive to logically interpret ones life against the unyielding progression of time.