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The Merchguy Show: A Visual Record of Concert Culture

Various Artists

Curated By: Chris Saba

September 2 - September 28, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, September 11

In 2014 Merchguy Screen Printing closed the doors to it’s Toronto based basement studio and liquidated a majority of it’s equipment. Stacey Case, screen printer, designer and proprietor of Merchguy Screen Printing, launched the short-run printing operation in 2003, and catered to many businesses in the region in need of screen printed goods.

Among the many clients Merchguy serviced over the years, perhaps the most exciting of those included concert promoters, tour managers and independent musical acts. These relationships allowed Case the opportunity to produce objects of cultural importance to both the musical and visual art communities – the Gig Poster. The perpetuation of the Gig Poster tradition lives in the relationship between the musician, the artist/designer, and the printer – all of which are roles Case has played, and continues to play, throughout his career.

The collection of posters in this exhibition represent a sample of the musical acts that Merchguy helmed print production duties for, and collaborated with over the years. Taken from Case’s personal archive of printer’s proofs, these posters form a kind of retrospective of the prolific production of Merchguy Screen Printing, as well as offering a glimpse into the musical landscape of the region during Merchguy’s decade of operation. Exhibiting artwork by many different artists and designers, and including bands/musicians of varying levels of success and genres, this collection presents an incomplete portrait of the diversity of musical culture of the region through it’s relationship to an independent production artist.