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The Open

Brad Isaacs and Peter Karuna

Curated By: Ola Wlusek

April 16 - June 5, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, May 14

The Open is an investigation into the natural and conquered worlds by two Hamilton-based artists, Brad Isaacs and Peter Karuna. Focusing on their personal ethics and individual modes of production, the artists explore psychological and physical notions of human, animal, and time through their black and white photo-based practices. Isaacs points to a rupture between ‘domesticated’ and ‘the wild’ while questioning the concealed and unexpected resonance between animals and human domain. Karuna investigates photography’s concern with time as he visually borrows that moment from a particular time and place for subsequent contemplation. The Open is an attempt to uncover the element of the symbolic and the magical in the menacingly candid relationships, which stylistically combine the staged aesthetic and perfect timing.