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Victoria Alstein Untitled

Victoria Alstein

March 8 - April 6, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, March 8

Victoria Alstein is a contemporary Hamilton based artist and educator. As an arts educator her interests lie in visual learning and teaching through the arts. “The Missing Pages From The Book in the Attic,” fosters her strong opinion on the importance of encouraging creative thinking within the education system. She intends to bring the viewer back to a childhood state of imagination by collaging images from children books with whimsical drawings. She believes in the power of imagination for innovation, creative problem solving, and hope for the future. She hopes her art will help the public to escape from an apathetic state and return to a child’s perception of the world where imagining is easy and anything seems possible. In her most recent public work “The Public Thought Policy,” Alstein has invited the public to learn through an experiential participatory mural. The developmental process of the mural forces the public to practice creative thinking by asking the participants to render specific experiences or interpretations of topics. After they are finished they are forces to detach themselves from the end result as it stands open to the public to be covered up or altered. She raises questions such as: Can art be ephemeral, or does the content live on in one’s memory even after it’s erased? If society were to live their life off of this model, detaching oneself from the end product and enjoying the process, would happiness be more achievable? She continues to create tactile layers of medium encouraging the public to get lost in the complexity of the piece. She hopes that her work encourages higher-level thinking and conceptual investigation.