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When You Look Into The Light All You See are Shadows

Hana Rotchild Pinthus

February 4 - March 2, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, February 13

Hana is a mixed media artist and a therapist based in Hamilton, ON. Since her arrival to Canada from Israel, Hana has used her art to express longing for her family and country of origin. Hana would often photograph nature or take images from both countries and try to connect them. The contrasted black and white images caused by the strong Israel light invites a dialogue with the contrasted Canadian scenery that we see now outside, both creating similar outcomes despite the different temperatures.  Guided by self-reflection and influenced by her role as a therapist, Hana explores the visualization of intrinsic notions. She uses diverse materials and art techniques such as thread moulding, transparencies and digital manipulated prints. Hana has exhibited in Hamilton, Edmonton and Israel and is member of the O-MA-NOOT gallery founding committee.