A three-part exhibition ED103
CW2010 The Line Makes the Man the Man Makes the Line

A three-part exhibition ED103

With this solo exhibition, C.Wells commemorates the centennial of the inception and invention of the line marker (1911-2011), and its inventor Edward Hines (1870-1938).

ED103: comprises a series of portraits of Edward Hines, a selection of small edition multiple works, and an exterior banner. The inaugural exhibition of the project at Centre3 adds a biographical note to C.Wells’ pursuit of the line marker, as he follows its inventor. At the same time as he appreciates the need for a tool to keep vehicles on either side of a road at a time of increasing traffic, the artist looks beyond the timely functional relevance of the invention. Continuous, interrupted, single, double or varied, the lines that define a road’s rules speak to drivers across language, culture, gender and social status. The artist’s appropriation of the line as a ‘found image’ resonates with Hines’ eureka moment when he observed how spilt milk formed a white line running down the middle of the road.

Interpretive texts will be available at the gallery, and for download after the exhibition opening.



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