Silhouette Series

A cross between the physical and philosophical. A hybrid of materials. My work leans towards environmental awareness, humanity and existence. Using recycled paper to create a new form of material. With the addition of a photograph I am combining one of the oldest art forms, papermaking, with one of the newest forms of art, digital photography. Creating a new mode of expression, reminiscent of Ukiyo-e Japanese prints. The texture of the handmade paper heightens the sensory experience. The contrast of colours against the black lines of the photography mimics the fragments of our memories, which are often recalled through stimulation. Line, colour, texture, evoking memories, connecting the past with the present.Compositions consider the elements of art such as line, colour and texture. Using images of a more natural environment to express the passage of time, I aim to create a sensory experience for the viewer. The changing seasons consistently show the strength found in the death and rebirth of nature. The materials I choose are a reaction to time and the environment in which we live. Recycling is a major element in my work. The paper I use to transfer photographs on, I make by hand from recycled paper. The reincarnation of materials, giving ‘garbage’ a new purpose and meaning, extending its time of life. I use archival mediums to persevere and strengthen the paper, reinforcing the extension of life.
Image Detail: “#5”, Mono Type Photo Transfer on Handmade Recycled Paper, 2011.

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