Waterfront Property (Steely Neighbourhoods) & Steeltown Views
Waterfront Property

Waterfront Property (Steely Neighbourhoods) & Steeltown Views

What does Sailor Moon have to do with Steel Town?

Join us at Centre3, and find out. The creation of our Community Art Exhibition involved industrial sector neighbourhood residents, McMaster university students, New Canadian children, and Hamilton artists in an inquiry of “the feel of steel.” Photographs, prints and mixed media artworks offer their visual interpretations of Hamilton’s Steel Town identity.

Opening Reception on Friday, July 12, 7 – 10 pm
Community Gathering on Monday, July 15, 7 – 9 pm

Greetings by His Worship Mayor Bob Bratina, Lynda Lukasik (Executive Director Environment Hamilton), Bryce Kanbara (artist), project participants, and more!
@ Centre3 Gallery, 173 James Street North

Exhibition runs from July 12 to August 7, 2013

Waterfront Property (Steely Neighbourhoods) comprises a series of photographs of and by residents of the McAnulty and Beach Strip neighbourhoods. The images draw attention to the remarkable durability of the community, and express the residents’ feelings about living near the steel industry.

Steeltown Views is a series of collagraphs, a printmaking method that works with textures and layers of surfaces glued together to make a matrix. The imagery explores the coexistence of Hamilton’s natural and built environments through interpretations of waterfalls, parks, streets, paths, landmarks and architecture.

Children from the Immigrant Culture and Art Association added their own mixed media images of steel – rubbings, relief prints and trace monotypes.

Paul, Debra & Madison Isaac / Rosanne & Chris Murray / Brian, Beth & Crue Curry / Brett Lubinski / Stella Naves / Mary Ellen Gatto / Joan Lubinski / Rick, Paulette & Samantha Roketta / Barry & Wendy Clemmens / Barbara & Sage LaFleshe / Tony & Mary Arruda / Kelly Ramsli / Russ, Joanne, Linda & Megan Smith / Pat, Raymond & Lyle Boyer / Rebekah, Olivia & Levi Roy / Gary Ball, Debbie Gaeler, Michael & David Ball / Dave Manovich / Mary Lee & Sapphire Singh / Sandra, Hayley & Abbigail Badeau / Barbara Martin / Lorna Moreau / Norah-Lynn McIntyre / Eric & Cora Brittan / Jim & Carol Howlett / Tim Berrigan /Terry Hoffner / Bryce Kanbara / Larry Strung / Alexandra Epp / Ariel Bader-Shamai / Ashmita Chopra / Eemaan Thind / Meredith Paterson / Sarah Joy Salise / Shelley Porteous / Brenda Ferguson / Sophia Liliana Arauz / Anica Mohammed / Daniela Urbina / Irish May Cabulera / Thanchanok Tanganurakpongsa / Kanokorn Tanganurakpongsa / Vectoria Alves / Aliexes Smith / Saieda Fahima Begum / Sairda Nilima Begum / Angels Peng / Beiyi Liu / Sadhana Jeyakymar / Gabriela Gonzalez / Miranda Sivilay / Mustafa Maher / Fazleena Nizam / Diana Gresku / Lamyaa Al Qadhi / Delio Delgado / Ingrid Mayrhofer

Community Partners: OPIRG McMaster, Workers’ Art and Heritage Centre, Immigrant Culture and Art Association, Environment Hamilton

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 5 pm

Funded by an AIC/W grant from the Ontario Arts Council

The community collaborations follow the Centre3 exhibition Qualia, or the Feel of Steel that took place last summer http://www.ingridmayrhofer.ca/qualia.html

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