Nu Deal

NuDeal is a micro-enterprise screen-printing program for youth aged 15-24 that operates out of Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts in Hamilton, Ontario.

NuDeal students learn how to design, produce, market and sell screen-printed merchandise with Centre[3]’s renowned artist instructors.  Participants acquire skills in business, creative arts, and community development supporting the process of finding jobs, exploring self-employment, and returning to school.  It’s a new deal for youth!

While NuDeal teaches youth practical, transferable skills, often resulting in economic opportunity, it also serves as a school re-engagement program.  Statistics show that nearly 50% of high school students in the city’s downtown core drop out before earning their diploma.  Nearly 100% of students who participate in NuDeal complete the program, with opportunities to earn high school credits and even their diploma.

Upon completion of NuDeal, youth should have the basic skills to:

  • Set up micro-enterprise businesses
  • Find employment within the industry
  • Take on printing contracts for C3 Ltd
  • Continue their education with a renewed sense of focus
  • Continue practicing as an artist at Centre[3]


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