Art Crawl!

Students will be selling handmade prints, cards, t-shirts and more during Art Crawl on October 14 from 7-10pm at 126 James Street North!

Book Binding and Poster Making Competitions!

NuSteel will be at 126 James Street North (Art Forms) for Art Crawl, October 14 from 7-10pm! Students will be selling their new and older works in the gallery space! Stop in and support NuSteel!!

NuSteel Gets Self-ishly Creative!

Week four of NuSteel is all about the self!

All hands on deck as NuSteel collaborates!

Week three of NuSteel is more hands on as students take their individual drawings and screen print them to create a collaborative piece!

NuSteel students are putting their best foot forward!

In continuing with the Health for Life elective, week two for Nu Steel is all about the human body!

A Brand Nu Year For NuSteel!

The first week of school is officially in full swing and there is a great group of enthusiastic students! It is great to see new faces and familiar faces in the studio!