Nu Steel Blog

September 23, 2016

All hands on deck as NuSteel collaborates!

In continuing from last week, week three of NuSteel is more hands on as students take their individual drawings and screen print them to create a collaborative piece! Students have layered all 12 human body systems together on one sheet to create a colourful, interesting, and intricate visual! So much wonderful detail and information put together! Check out the photo below of the final outcome!

The next step will be to screen print each individual body system on mylar (transparent film) and layer the individual screen prints one on top of the other to create a visual informative guide. Students also created poems to represent each body system (see Nathan Jones “Cardiovascular System” example below) to really take this project to the next level!


NuSteel Collaboration “The Human Body Systems”


Nathan Jones “Cardiovascular System”