Nu Steel Blog

May 21, 2015

Art Crawl!!!

One of the coolest things about the NuSteel program is that it functions as a micro-enterprise: students are given opportunities to sell the art they create, and it’s actually an expected part of the program. For example, every month during the James St North Art Crawl, students sell merchandise they’ve created in class. In May this happened at Spice Factory’s ‘Art Market,’ and in June, NuSteelers set up outside of Centre3, in the midst of the street action!

Being part of Art Crawl is a fabulous opportunity for youth to share their work, network with other artists, make some money, and be a real part of Hamilton’s vibrant artistic community. Like all NuSteel activities, getting out there and selling their work gives youth authentic opportunities to critically create, engage with the community, develop important life skills, and build their portfolios. Just more proof that Centre3 really walks the walk when it comes to experiential, community-based learning!