Nu Steel Blog

October 26, 2016

Monotype in the Traditional Studio!

Monday and Tuesday of week 7, NuSteelers tidied up from Art Crawl the week before and began a lesson on gender identity. This lesson focused on gender stereotypes – what it means to identify as male vs female, what mannerisms a male vs female has, what clothes a males vs female would wear etc. This topic will be covered more in depth in the coming weeks.

Wednesday and Thursday of Week 7, guest artist Eric Euler came in to teach NuSteelers a traditional printmaking technique called Monotype. This 2 day workshop in the traditional studio was process-based and did not focus on a theme. This gave students the opportunity to be very creative and all works turned out very unique. Materials and methods included handmade paper stencils, drawing or painting on the plate surface, using solvents to modify the inks etc. The second day focused on the same techniques but this time had the focus more on layering the prints to create different effects.

On Friday of week 7, students began to read a book called “For The Time Being.” This book’s genre is mystical realism and has a focus on Japanese Culture. A quiet relaxing way to end a busy week!