Nu Steel Blog

January 17, 2017

NuSteel Jumps Back Into Gear As The 2017 Year Begins!

 Happy New Year! NuSteelers are back from holidays and have jumped right back into gear and are excited to engage and ready to learn in 2017!

In the beginning of week 16, NuSteelers began a visual art project that ties into the novel A Tale for the Time Being which the students finished reading at the end of 2016. Students have been busy working on their designs for individual projects which fits into a theme of their choice presented in the novel. Students continued screen prep for this project throughout the week. Looking forward to seeing their work in the coming weeks!

NuSteelers were introduced to the Shakespearean novel Hamlet in continuation of their English credit on Tuesday. This novel explores big questions: What is death? Truth? Does it matter? How do we make our way in the world knowing we are going to die? These questions are wrapped in a compelling story, filled with intrigue, sword fights and great passion. As seen in the photos below; Marz, Emily, Eli, and Abby chose to read the novel as a group and show off their improv skills at the same time!

On Friday, the day was dedicated to preparing for Art Crawl which was held on the main floor of Centre[3] from 7-10pm where students sold older works as well as newer works they have been preparing over the previous weeks! It was a busy Art Crawl for the month of January which was great for NuSteelers to gain exposure and sell items they have been working hard on this past year! Below are a couple photos from Art Crawl evening!