Nu Steel Blog

February 15, 2015

The history of printmaking, a letterpress from the 60s, and a bunny named Beans…

The first week of February marked the beginning of a new semester at NuSteel, Centre 3’s arts education program for high school youth.  The first project of the year had students learning about the history of printmaking and the role print media has played in shaping human societies.  Students designed woodblocks based on an event, person, or theme related to the history of print, and then each made a small series of prints using Centre 3’s (very cool, very retro) Vandercook letterpress.  This project had students experimenting with carving techniques, utilizing elements and principles of design, collaborating with classmates and other members of the Centre 3 community, and critically analyzing the evolution of human society in relation to printed material.  In other words: project-based learning at its finest, baby!



Oh and a little off topic, but we can’t forget to mention one of Centre 3’s many furry mascots: Beans!  There are a couple awesome animals that hang in the space, and Beans holds it down Mondays and Thursdays.