Supercrawl Staff Soireé

September 9, 7pm – 10pm
126 James Street North, Hamilton Ontario
Free admission

Off Hours is an experimental staff meeting in the form of an exhibition. As Centre[3] reopens after lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff members have chosen works they recently created to share with each other and with our broader communities. This exhibition is a small exploratory step towards understanding what it means to dialogue through art in uncertain times.

Presenting artwork made outside of their roles as arts administrators, educators, studio technicians, installers, coordinators and curators, the exhibit not only brings together an array of techniques in printmaking, photography, ceramics, sound, video game and mixed media, it also brings together a motley crew of local lived experiences. The artistic approaches range from personal reflection to political commentary, formal experimentation to theoretical inquiry, asking us to hold many outlooks in one place.

Off Hours is a celebration of multiplicity and assembly. It is an ad hoc conversation amongst differences in search of meaningful dis/connections. It is an open invitation to meet the staff, as they meet each other.

Please join us at OFF HOURS — our highly awaited Supercrawl staff soiree where we feature our staff’s and board members’ creative expressions and endeavours in the occasion of this year’s Supercrawl:

Alex Borghesan, Olivia Brouwer, Angela Busse, Lesley Loksi Chan, Jeff Chow (Boy with a Pearl Earring), Lauren Harnish, Nick Hill, Luther Griggs, Arturo Jimenez (Art The Boy), Becky Katz, Jeannie Kim, Conrad Marion, Walter Penado-Vasquez, Michael Schnittker, Sarah Sproule.

We are excited to connect with you.