Nusteel is an alternative education program run by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, in partnership with Centre[3] — an artist-run center located on James Street North — a center that is dedicated to supporting artists and the broader community through the arts. The NuSteel program celebrates different ways of learning through collaboration and personal programming.

Throughout the semester, students participate in project-based learning in 3 subjects — English, Art, and a senior Social Science elective. Apart from project-based learning, NuSteel participants interact with working artists and gain exposure to the cultural sector that includes working in Centre[3]’s galleries, studio spaces, and workshops.

a NuSteel logo created by our students.

Objectives & Learning Outcome

While NuSteel teaches youth practical, transferable skills, often resulting in economic opportunity, it also serves as a school re-engagement program.  Statistics show that nearly 50% of high school students in the city’s downtown core drop out before earning their diplomas.  Nearly 100% of students who participate in NuSteel complete the program. Upon completion of NuSteel, youth should have the basic skills to:

  • Set up micro-enterprise businesses
  • Find employment within the industry
  • Take on printing contracts for DNA
  • Continue their education with a renewed sense of focus
  • Continue practicing as an artist at Centre[3]

Benefits of Project-Based Learning

The benefits of project-based learning are: developing a sense of comradeship and community across ages and grade levels; developing an understanding of how each subject is connected to the others, and developing workplace skills such as team problem solving and peer-to-peer mentorship.

What type of student will benefit from this style of learning:

  • Students who enjoy working both alone and in groups
  • Students who enjoy both hands-on and computer-based work
  • Students who have some personal initiative and self-regulation

How to Apply

Interested parties will need to complete an application with their home school and contact for more information.