Nu Steel

NuSteel is an alternative-education program run by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, in partnership with Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts in Hamilton, Ontario.

At NuSteel, students study 3 subjects per semester: English (any grade), Art (any grade), and a senior Social Science elective. Students move through the semester by studying units that tie their 3 subjects together. This is called project-based learning. Students of the NuSteel program enjoy daily interaction with working artists and exposure to the cultural sector work done in Centre[3] galleries, studio spaces and community programs.

While NuSteel teaches youth practical, transferable skills, often resulting in economic opportunity, it also serves as a school re-engagement program.  Statistics show that nearly 50% of high school students in the city’s downtown core drop out before earning their diploma.  Nearly 100% of students who participate in NuSteel complete the program.

Upon completion of NuSteel, youth should have the basic skills to:

  • Set up micro-enterprise businesses
  • Find employment within the industry
  • Take on printing contracts for DNA
  • Continue their education with a renewed sense of focus
  • Continue practicing as an artist at Centre[3]

The benefits of project-based learning are: developing a sense of comradeship and community across ages and grade levels; developing an understanding of how each subject is connected to the others, and developing workplace skills such as team problem solving and peer-to-peer mentorship.

What type of student will benefit from this style of learning:

  • Students who enjoy working both alone and in groups
  • Students who enjoy both hands-on and computer-based work
  • Students who have some personal initiative and self-regulation

Interested parties will need to complete an application with their home school and contact Margaret MacEachern at Vincent Massey mmaceach@hwdsb.on.cafor next steps.

If you have questions about the NuSteel alt-ed program please contact education@centre3.comfor more information.