We are dedicated to supporting artists with creation, production, presentation, and dissemination. Through our dedication to artistic practice — we conduct research, foster innovation, and provide opportunities for critical discourse. 


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Steal This Poster Exchange

The Steal This Poster campaign is a long-standing tradition at MSS that was resumed in 2020 to respond to the societal upheaval that was occurring at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. 28+ Steal this poster designs have been installed and delivered throughout Winnipeg and Hamilton over the past two years. This public initiative is subtle and inclusive by nature of its use of public space for display. Posters are installed throughout each of the neighbourhoods of the city, and we explicitly encourage people to take them for their own use and enjoyment.

Installation view of the exhibition "Interweavings."

3rd Year: Stitching a Line Thru Media

Stitching a Line Thru Media brings together work by artists and scholars across Canada, the United States, and Europe, whose artistic practices and research explore the intersection of textiles, print, and technology. Through exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops, this multi-year project allows for critical discussions around textile and media art, nostalgia, identity, culture and history.

Studio Facilities

Create with us at our traditional print studio and digital studio.