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Centre[3] acknowledges that our organization, located in Hamilton, is situated on the traditional territory of the Eerie, Neutral, Huron-Wendat, Mississauga and Haudenosuanee nations, whose presence here reaches back to time immemorial.

We recognize the historical oppression of Indigenous peoples, cultures, and lands in what is now known as Canada. We are committed to healing and decolonizing together through the arts.


Centre[3] for Artistic and Social Practice is dedicated to supporting artists with creation, production, presentation, and dissemination. Centre[3] conducts research, fosters innovation, and provides opportunities for critical discourse. Centre[3] engages with the wider community through social practice, encouraging experimentation and collaboration through contemporary art.


Centre[3] for Artistic + Social Practice is an artist‐run centre that supports artists and collaborates with communities to create social change through the arts.

As a not-for-profit centre we’ve established programming to help bring arts education and community arts to the greater Hamilton area. Thanks to donor support our programming is always expanding to meet the needs of the region. We welcome you to get involved! 

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Visitors engaging with "Soft-Spoken" — a braille interview installation where visitors can interact through touch and sound-activated points.

What We Do

Print Media & Media Arts

  • Provide space and equipment to create contemporary art
  • Showcase monthly exhibitions of regional, national, and international artists
  • Contribute to the cultural and economic activities of Hamilton

Art Education

  • Offer arts programming to elementary and secondary school boards through “Artists in School and Schools in Studio”;
  • Provide a social enterprise school re-engagement program for youth via NuSteel
  • Offer courses and workshops
  • Provide free professional development workshops for artists and creatives

Community Arts

  • Connect artists with key community groups in a collaborative creative process
  • Foster inclusion and diversity
  • Provide access to the processes of art creation

Brief History

In 2003 Colina Maxwell and Katherine Zarull had a vision: to provide accessible and affordable printmaking facilities for artists in the Hamilton area.  Thanks to their great vision, a significant Trillium Grant and support from regional partners like Turkstra Lumber, Dofasco, Matcom Industrial Installations and Threshold School of Building, “The Print Studio” came to life in 2004, opening its doors at 173 James Street North.

Founding director Maxwell’s vision and commitment were contagious. Before long, The Print Studio became a vibrant hub of opportunity, expanding to meet the needs of Hamilton’s energetic arts district with support from a dedicated board of directors, a growing group of artist-members and community patrons.

With a refreshed vision that encompassed a commitment to the synergies of “art, education, and community” and media arts development, The Print Studio changed its name to Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts in 2012.

Today the studio boasts world-class traditional printmaking facilities along with a state-of-the-art digital media studio.  Centre[3] proudly exhibits local and international established and emerging artists in its main gallery, while showcasing local talent in the exclusive members’ gallery.  Its retail space offers a platform for members to sell their art.

Beyond the walls of the studio, Centre[3]’s instructors are connecting the Hamilton-Wentworth communities through the arts through extensive education and outreach initiatives, and these programs continue to grow.  Thousands of children and youth to-date have benefited from Centre[3]’s innovative approach to teaching.

Name & Identity Change

In 2004 The Print Studio incorporated as Hamilton Printmakers Arts Association offering traditional print practices to artists and the community at large.  In 2010, The Print Studio, with support from the Trillium Foundation and the Department of Canadian Heritage, created a digital studio offering contemporary practices to artists in our community.

Wanting to reflect our digital development, The Print Studio Board and staff made a decision in 2011 to change both the legal and the street name.  After a long process, we are happy to say that our new name is Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts. The number 3 works as it ties into the integration of art, education and community and it also reflects our 3 floors.

Phase 1: 2004 – 2007

  • Incorporated and received charitable status in 2004
  • Doors opened in 2005 for tradition printmaking (relief, etching, and lithography) and a storefront gallery
  • Help to initiate James North Art Crawl – monthly cultural event

Phase 2: 2008 – 2010

  • In partnership with the Hamilton Camera Club, opened the Digital Studio to provide digital services to our members
  • Formalized integration of Visual Arts, Arts Education, and Community Arts
  • Transitioned from a founder-led to a board-led organization

Phase 3: 2011 – 2013

  • Developed a Screen Studio
  • Partnered with Art Forum to create an editing suite
  • Expanded our programming to include Media Arts
  • Developed Nu Deal – a social enterprise program for at-risk youth
  • Changed our name to Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts to reflect the media arts development
  • Presented Function Keys, a three-day conference on technology and the arts
  • Incorporated C3 Limited, enabling the sale of our members’ artwork
  • Partnered with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board to run a parallel program entitled Nu Steel

Phase 4: 2014 – 

  • Expanded media arts centre
  • Rebranded C3 Limited and changed the name to Design ‘n Art Inc. [DNA]
  • Formed a partnership with McMaster University to pilot a new program using creativity for professional development
  • Presented Function Keys2

Annual Reports

Centre[3]’s Annual Reports review all of the accomplishments that we achieved with artists and community organizations over the year with generous support from donors, members, partners, and volunteers.













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