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Work on Paper

Steacy Easton

Exhibition: May 13th - June 27th, 2024

Opening reception: June 14th, 2024

About the Exhibition

“I have been thinking about high modernist, monochrome paintings (Malevich’s Black Square, Ad Reinhardt,  Stella’s The Marriage of Reason and Squalor, Rothko’s late work)—and how they’re oblivion, their obsessive death drive, their nihilism, have this hard butch overwhelming size. I wondered what it would mean to make work that was smaller, built up from common and vernacular materials, made by hand, and through this accretive growth kept the materialism and jettisoned the nihilism. 


I thought about how we are able to reproduce our images, and also about the current glut of reproduced images, about what makes image making obsolete, and about what it means to continue to use the vernacular or the small to mark the death and rebirth of this image making technology, pushing against that nihilism of monochromatic paintings. The show at Center[3} will have three riffs on this–a long scroll where I hand relief print the image of the tall carbon against the long scroll; six inkjet prints of a portion of an analog time card placed in the middle of a contemporary reproduction of a Victorian death card, and then two digital photographs of cladding in front of a condo—plywood painted black, graffitied over, and painted again. Each of these is an anti-sublime measure against modernism’s monolithic history.”



Steacy Easton (they/them) is a writer, print maker, photographer, and performer artist, originally from Edmonton, who has lived in Hamilton for more than eight years. They are the author of three books, one on Tammy Wynette, one on Dolly Parton, and a memoir. They have shown work in Toronto, New York, Montreal, Halifax and Hamilton. They have work in the collections of the Library of the National Gallery, the Art Gallery of Alberta, and various private collections, including ones in Australia, the United States and Canada. They were the 2022 Martha Street Artist in Residence.