MEMBER OF THE MONTH — Julianna Biernacki

May 10, 2022 | Jeff Chow — Communications Manager @ Centre[3]

How did you become a Centre3 member?

“I was a McMaster Studio Arts student and my professors mentioned about centre 3 and the facilities. So, when I graduated and no longer had the resources at Mac anymore, I became a member as they offer many of the services and studio spaces we had at school. I also wanted to experiment with some new services available at centre 3 such as the sewing and embroidery machines, screen printing for shirts and digital printing lab.” 
What are some of the resources/facilities you have used in Centre3 and how have they helped your practice?

“I have been using the digital printing services and it has been amazing. Working one on one with techs allows me to have a say in the editing of photos and they are honestly so helpful and knowledgeable. Since my work is textile-based, they helped me to find the best way to make prints of my pieces and honestly go above and beyond to make sure everything I print is of the highest quality.”   
 Can you tell me more about your work and your show at Farside?
“My work is primarily textile based in the form of rug punching and surrounds themes of voyeurism, display, and spying — and how we want others to perceive our personal image. My first solo show The Other Side of Now will be at Farside from May 12th-31st . I use imagery of windows as they are a bridge and barrier between the displayer and viewer. I want to ask — who then is the voyeur and who is the muse? Having these works as tufted rugs specifically calls upon bridging a gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. I intend to blur the lines between these two positions to ultimately allow the viewer to think about their own image and how they display it to the public.