Members gallery

Annual Call for Submissions – Members’ Gallery

January 1 - December 31, 2018

Centre[3] For Print And Media Arts invites members in good standing to submit a proposal to exhibit in the Members’ Gallery during 2019.

If you require exhibition assistance consider applying for an OAC Exhibition Assistance Grant. Information can be found at

(Make sure to apply to the Exhibition Assistance Zone in which you live, not where you are exhibiting, or to one of the Specialized Recommenders.)


Centre3’s Members’ Gallery Space is committed to the following objectives:

  • To provide Centre[3] members in good standing a dedicated space to exhibit and sell print media or media arts-related contemporary artwork.
  • To display print-based media or media arts with a focus on art theory and practice in both traditional and contemporary contexts.
  • To engage the public, printmaking and media arts communities by giving voice to local printmakers, photographers and media artists.



  • Original Print Media or Media Arts (video, photography, etc.) proposals are accepted. All submissions are subject to review by the selection committee.
  • Only electronic proposals are accepted. Text is to be in Word (.doc or.docx) or .pdf format.
  • Submissions may be made on an individual basis or as a duo or a group/collective.
  • Presentation ready works must be original print-based or media arts (video, photography etc.).
  • 40% of all sales will go to support Centre3’s ongoing programming, 60% is remitted back to the artist. Unsold pieces will be returned to the artist.
  • Members who have exhibited work in the Members Gallery in the previous year are ineligible for submission.



Please submit the following items by email as a zipped folder to no later than Tuesday July 31st, 2018.
The total size of the email should not exceed 10MB.

1. Artist Statement (Max 1 page) which describes and contextualizes the work presented.

2. Visual Support Material (Max 5 files): A maximum of 5 numbered images and/or videos representing a recent body of work

  • Please name files as follows: lastname_01, Lastname_02, lastname_03
  • JPG or MP4 files will be accepted
  • links to Vimeo, youtube or personal website are accepted for video files only
  • Images should be no larger than 1200 pixels wide and 72dpi.

3. Support Material List ordered and labelled to match the files provided including artist’s name, title of work, media, size, (runtime for video), and year created.

4. Exhibition Description: A one-page physical description of the proposed exhibition, which should include number of works, installation requirements and equipment needs. If equipment (TV monitor, DVD player, computer) is available it will be provided. Otherwise, the artist is required to supply their own presentation equipment.

5. Curriculum Vitae (Max 2 pages) Please include your email address with your C.V.

6. Please indicate any specific months during 2019 you cannot exhibit as well as any months during the year you prefer to exhibit. Additionally, please indicate your preference for a solo, duo or group show. This does not guarantee anything but we will consider everyone’s needs. Decisions will be final unless in extraneous scenarios.

Thank you, we look forward to your submission!