Main gallery

Digital Metamorphosis

Andrew Butkevicius, Paolo Conti, Ryan Edgar, Valentín González Fdez, Joe Ganech, Kirsti Hadderingh, Trent Harris, Venessa Johnston, Han-Kuang Ma & Metin Topa

Curated By

Vanessa Johnson

April 13 - May 26, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, May 11 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

After working on Digital Art for the last few years I have noticed this medium has been under-represented in art exhibitions.

Through a creative and artist development, I have met other people who are unique in their passion as much as I am. Therefore, I curated this show to illustrate the variation and talent of a select few international Digital Artists from Facebook, as it is a misconception that Digital Art is without value. But, in this technological world, it is here to stay. And, I am certain we will all see new works refined with the progression of time.

Glitching, data-moshing, deconstruction, hacking, and encryption, are all on the internet to wonder if reality is just a construct of the mind. Windows and doors are open to experiment with the endless possibilities of new creations and experiences of collaborating with file sharing. Using technology without knowing how most of it works, it suits my own self-serving interests. It eases my being and it passes the time by with these modalities to experience more changes. What makes this work is what transcends both the materials I use and my own prejudices of what a picture should be, as there is no meaning in anything until it’s personalized. In focusing attention towards a more direct approach, I hope that the viewer will draw something out of each of my Digital Abstractions in relations to understanding what each piece means to them rather than their given titles. Being in the moment of creating, I find that art is not really something I do, but more of a way of life for me, in whatever way I express myself. Playing with these vast images, but not having faith or believing in them, I enjoy editing them, digitally manipulating them, expanding them, changing them and reconstructing them. I find that out of chaos comes order. With the opportunity to explore digitally, the final results of the broken down images reveals something different from the original versions. I produce digital abstractions, where I am interested in using my template bases to start, then, eventually I build over the layers to create a variety of compositions and illusionary effects. My own intuition guides me, to which the works come more alive for me when I print and frame them. I can feel even more connected to them when they are tangible in print and not just a part of the vast online database When co-creating digital pieces, I feel like a pilot and the computer only does what I tell it to do. And life is like a holographic video game, to which I am an expressive member playing electrically.