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Emerging Artist Residency: Alexis Bulan & Laura K. Watson

artist residency

Alexis bulman, laura K. watson

january 5 - february 16, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, January 11, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Alexis Bulman – Jump & Slap

Jump & Slap is a video documented performance drawing that exaggerates the straight walls that surround my body, a body with a rare type of double curvature Scoliosis.

The video shows white paper on the walls and floor. A tray contains blue pigment powder and a women dressed in all white. She bends down, covers her hands with blue pigment, and jumps as high as she can by propelling her interior hardware upwards- expanding the space between each vertebrate- elongating the spine and slapping the wall with her blue hands before landing back on her feet to absorb the compression.

Laura K. Watson – Lullabies 

The exhibition displays a collection of zines, prints, and textile works that combine drawing and poetry. The work pays careful attention to the minutia of contemporary daily life while borrowing from traditional folklore and folk music, specifically with the goal of reinterpreting the prominent voices of women in these traditions.

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