Members’ Gallery

Emma Enright:

Feb 4 – Feb 28, 2023
Reception: Feb 10, 2023, 7 - 10 pm

Nichol Marsch. Fall (2022), print. 

exhibition description

Emma Enright is a textile artist and designer from Dundas, Ontario. Her current series of work investigates the materiality of textiles with a specific emphasis on weaving. Emma has received her Bachelor of Design, with a major in textiles from Ontario College of Art and Design University and has been exhibiting her work within the greater Hamilton area since graduating. Emma was one of the 2022 Centre3 Emerging artist-in-residence, and has also been actively teaching textile workshops within the community and continues to develop and push the boundaries of contemporary textile art.


Emma’s practice is based on investigating the materiality of textiles with an emphasis on weaving. Using a manual wooden loom, she has explored traditional weaving techniques to create contemporary woven artwork. Her newest series of work includes both tactile weavings and printed woven textiles. This work was created during the time of Emma’s artist residency at Centre3.

The exhibition of the show is entitled Re(woven) and looks at both the weaving and printmaking processes intertwined with the experimentation of her textile work. Continuing to explore the materiality of textiles, Emma demonstrates the uniqueness of each hand-woven print by showing the designs and mark making gestures that are revealed through the printmaking process. Each print is handwoven on a tapestry loom and individually placed on a press to reveal its own unique image. Her prints are juxtaposed with her woven artworks to create a sense of balance and unity in the overall effect. In Emma’s tactile weavings, she has used linens and wools to create organic designs, and her soft wall relief sculptures examine the use of three-dimensionality in a sculptural format. She continues to delve into the materiality of textile art, including the use of the printmaking process and sculptural wall pieces.