Maria Simmons: Growth Units

Sept 2 – 30 | MEMBERS’ Gallery
Open Reception: Sept 9, 7 pm – 10 pm

Maria Simmons, Wavelength of a Spore/Attachment, 2020, Polypropylene prints, grow lights, birch plywood, Mother of Thousands, silicone, plastic bags, grogged clay, potting soil, dirt, microbial culture, brick, latex gloves, cement, golf ball, hardened plastic tubing, plumbob, 5 euro note, pheasant feathers, photographic slides, moss, usnea lichen, ear plugs, shrink wrap, nylon rope, steel wool, honeycomb, beaver wood shavings, fermented garbage* (velvet ribbon, iPhone charger, Skittles®, fidget spinner, newspaper bag, succulent leaves, apple juice, wristband), Heinz® ketchup packets, Encapso™ k, GooGone®, Maynard’s Sour Patch Kids™ mango wrapper, Trident gum insert, Reese’s Pieces®, Energizer Max® box, sticky note with “oyster” written on it, salt, water *Fermented 3 years, dimensions variable Photo credit: Alison Postma.

Growth Units is composed of three hybrid sculptures: Wavelength of a Spore/Attachment, Excavation Growth Units, and Purity Factories. These three works are actively in flux, in states of decay and growth. Lightboxes nurture the plants which feed off of the refuse which feeds off of itself. Porous vessels absorb and effloresce. Microbes are feeding, plants are photosynthesizing, crystals are forming. Everything affects and is affected.

Maria Simmons (she/they) is a hybrid artist who investigates potentialized environments through the creation of hybrid sculpture and installation. Her work embraces contamination as an act of collaboration. She collects garbage, grows mushrooms, ferments plants, and nurtures fruit flies. She makes art that eats itself. She holds an MFA from the University of Waterloo and a BFA from McMaster University. She has recently exhibited with Trinity Square Video, Xpace, The Plumb, Ed Video Media Art Centre, and the Hamilton Artist Inc. She has completed residencies at Mustarinda, Finland, BioArt Society, Finland, Silent Barn in NYC, NY, and Factory Media Centre in Hamilton, ON.