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Diedrick Brackens, Andrew Bugden, Lesley Loksi Chan, Maria Hupfield

Curated By

Sally Frater

October 4 - November 23, 2019

Reception: Friday, November 8 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Artist and Curator Talk: Friday November 8. 7:30PM

Swedish textile artist Charlotte Johannesson began making artwork as a weaver who created tapestries that provided political commentary on current events. After acquiring an Apple II Plus personal computer in 1978, Johannesson taught herself to program using the same dimensions that she used when weaving on a loom.

Inspired by Johannesson, who combined an interest of textiles and technology within a single practice, Interweavings features work by Diedrick Brackens, Andrew Bugden, Lesley Loksi Chan, and Maria Hupfield. Exploring the intersection of seemingly dichotomous forms of [textile] production – the “handmade” versus mechanized forms of fabrication – the exhibition also touches on themes of mapping and astronomy, the body, cultural practice, and the ubiquitous presence of technology within daily life, while revealing the oftentimes inherent complexity and contradiction that exists within handmade art.

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