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Elaine Lauzon
Carol Priamo
Angela Zheng


March 30 - April 27, 2022

Acting as both crossroads and meeting place, Juxtapositions brings together the work of Elaine Lauzon, Carol Priamo, and Angela Zheng to explore moments of thematic intersection between diverging mediums. The exhibition seeks out and bridges gaps between the Abandoned and Alive, Urban and Rural, Natural and Fabricated, and Practical and Fantastical, inviting visitors to step into a scene that demands a second look.

ELaine Lauzon

Biomorphic Dreams

ELAINE LAUZON – Biomorphic Dreams

A plant growing out of a wall, a tree growing out of a sidewalk, a coffee cup sitting amongst some bushes, contrasting and harmonious at the same time. Natural forms living with non organic forms, just as we do in our daily urban lives.

My art is often influenced by these images. Using biomorphic dreamlike shapes that are bulbous and lush, I place them next to formal lines. Reaching towards each other or going in their own independent direction. They live symbiotically in spite of their contrast.

Manipulating different mediums I have explored this subject with pigments, textures, transparency and dreams of a world where we live in harmony.

Artist BIO

Elaine Lauzon (missELAINEous) is a Canadian visual artist who currently resides in Hamilton. She has previously lived in Victoria BC, Toronto ON and Windsor ON. Her art has been shown in Hamilton, Victoria, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Berlin.

Playing with colours and compositions, Elaine uses various mediums to create images that happen spontaneously or are inspired by dreams and daydreams. Sometimes a piece of art in one medium will influence or inspire art in a different medium.

She works with both traditional and digital tools (watercolour, oil paint, monotype prints, pencils, pens, digital painting and photo manipulated art).

Carol Priamo


Drawing on my art practices in photography, collage and design and my long-time inspiration of architecture and the built environment, I intuitively select, manipulate, and transform my photographic images, scanned designs and found papers and textures using hands-on and digital tools to generate multi-dimensional, tapestry-like collages of colour, pattern and texture.

Exploration and experimentation drive this process of creative discovery – like a journey without a map where each step affects the whole and leads somewhere new and unexpected. I call this medium ‘Integrated Collage.’

My aim is to engage viewers’ curiosity and imagination and evoke a shift in their perception of everyday ‘reality.’

Artist BIO

Based in Hamilton for ten years, Carol Priamo has exhibited her art in Hamilton, Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto over the past 20 years. She holds a graduate degree in Fine Art, credit courses at OCADU, art programs at Dundas Valley School of Art and collage courses with top collage artists in North America.

Angela Zheng


ANGELA ZHENG – Rewilding

This work showcases the alleys of Hamilton. I document the passage of time as it transforms these alleys. In certain areas, wildlife has taken over. There are traces of human life in the household items left behind. However, we see the reach of nature in The Boat, which is surrounded by trees and shrubs, to the point that only the front tip of the boat is visible. Greenery grows, uninhibited, and covers the traces left by residents. These photographs bring to light an entirely different kind of place within the city; in between rows of houses, where the alleys run, the forces of nature dominate.

Artist BIO

Angela Zheng is a photographer interested in urban landscapes and based in Ontario, Canada. Angela’s work has been published in Blank Spaces, Color Tag, Existere, and Carte Blanche magazine. Exhibitions include Gallery 1313 (Toronto), Studio K2 (Hamilton), and Orillia Museum of Art and History.

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