Main Gallery

Lake Poems

Rebecca Casalino

Hamilton Artist In Residence
February 23rd - April 6th, 2024
Opening Reception: March 8th 2024, 7pm - 10pm

Image Credit:Rebecca Casalino, Lake Poems, drawing on paper, 2024. Courtesy of the Artist 

The Centre[3] Hamilton-Based Residency is a 12-week self-directed residency for an artist in any stage of their career who is living and working in the Hamilton region. This residency offers artists dedicated studio time, space and technical support to work in facilities for traditional printmaking – including lithography, silkscreen, and intaglio – as well as digital media production. This residency culminates with an exhibition in one of Centre[3]’s galleries.

Lake Poems

Lake Poems” is an exhibition of local artist Rebecca Casalino’s hybrid practice of poetry, printmaking and drawing. Silkscreen prints featuring Casalino’s 2023 poetry wrap around the space connected by a continuous blue line representing the lakeshore. This gestural line is featured on the individual prints and is painted on the walls of the space to create continuous flow through the space. These poems often contain references to Lake Ontario which Casalino sees as a connecting body that brings her closer to her chosen family living along the lakeshore. Casalino performs her poetry aloud in the gallery to engage with audiences and breathe life into written text.

“Lake Poems” (the zine) is a set of fifteen poems written from 2017-2021 while Casalino lived in downtown Toronto and central Hamilton. The zine will be available for free as a digital download during the run of the exhibition.


Rebecca Casalino is an artist, writer and curator based in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a queer Italian-Canadian settler, maintaining her practices through deeply personal collaborations in her community and sheer willpower. Using queer crip sensibilities Casalino’s work is semi-autobiographical employing nostalgia and humour to describe the circumstances around her. Her writing practice incorporates poetry, short prose and Fluxus scores. Casalino uses descriptive imagery to create a sense of nostalgia and longing for the mundane. Focusing on her lived experience, Casalino’s work includes references to cityscapes often describing local architecture and infrastructure. Her approach to visual art and text is rooted in conceptual practices and ranges in mediums from video to installation. Her cross-disciplinary approach tackles quotidian topics like housing, mental health, long-distance friendships, and everyday injuries. She connects with audiences through the shared woes, hopes and fears expressed in her art. Her current artistic practice focuses on blending gestural drawings and poetry to best communicate with readers. Casalino is inspired by public transit, long walks and short showers.