Members’ Gallery

Moma Dada: Room to Breathe

August 1- September 22, 2023
Special Event with Monday Press: Friday, August 11, 7-10 pm (ArtCrawl)
Opening Reception: September 8, 7-10 pm (SuperCrawl)

Moma Dada. Room to Breath, 2023. Courtesy of the artists.

Moma Dada. Room to Breath

Room to Breathe challenges the white cube gallery space by converting the gallery into one of the most accessible and inviting environments possible – your own living room. Room to Breathe is a fully interactive and fluid installation which portrays the living room of an artist at work, filled with homemade treasures, found objects, works of art in progress and completed. The room transforms throughout the exhibition, acting as a metaphor for the ebb and flow, chaos and clarity of the artistic process and of life itself. Viewers are encouraged to explore and interact with all aspects of the installation. We hope that through this exhibit, viewers will feel that fine art is more accessible than they expected, and that art permeates even the most mundane moments of life in beautiful ways.” – Moma Dada


Moma Dada curiously explores the processes and the in-between spaces of art making by taking inspiration and guidance from naturally occurring things like plants, animals, wind, and the seasons. We are interested in encouraging in ourselves – new paths of learning, free expression, collaboration, community understanding and nurturing using methods alternative to conventional, which perceive creativity and art with reverence and distinction. Hamilton has a rich community of outsider artists who create for the sake of creation, and we wish to provide a communal space where everyone can express themselves freely.

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