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Outports: Adaptations to Isolation

Andrea Kita

May 4 - June 1 , 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, May 10 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

“Outports” is a traditional Newfoundlander term for the tiny communities clinging to forgotten shores across the North Atlantic, from Nova Scotia and St-Pierre to Iceland. Each outport has evolved in isolation, often amplifying their distinct cultural origins, including the Vikings, Scots, Basques, Irish, and French. But each is in danger of disappearing.

Andrea Kitaʼs artwork has been featured in juried solo and group exhibitions. She has studied at the International Center of Photography and the Dundas Valley School of Art. Fascinated by the distinct sense of place she seeks to capture the “somewhereness” of each unique experience. She lives in Dundas.


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