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Quilted Vessels

Hannah deJonge

September 4th - October 24th, 2020


Quilted Vessels – Stoneware – 2020

Quilted Vessels is a collection of hand-built clay pots that have been surface treated with screen printed details of quilts. These details, sourced from multiple quilts, act as descriptive fragments that acknowledge their past narratives while reimagining a new, collective story. In creation, knowing a quilt as a community and reading its seams and patterns as narratives provided intention to the placement of each fragment. As a whole, the vessels speak to the search and appreciation for intergenerational craft and story-telling, professing a love for community and a hope for greater empathetic connection.

Artist BIO

Hannah deJonge (b. 1997) is a maker currently residing in Hamilton, Ontario. Since obtaining her Bachelors of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design her practice has focussed on the exploration of ceramic-based objects in the realm of craft.

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