Kathryn Killackey:
Something from Nothing

Oct 4 – 29 | Members’ Gallery
Reception: Oct 14, 7 pm – 10 pm

Something from Nothing is a series of self-assigned drawing exercises, designed to break through artist block. They are based on the disproven scientific theory of spontaneous generation which hypothesized that nonliving matter can give rise to living organisms. Each exercise contrasts a detailed rendering with looser techniques such as graphite washes, rough lines, and paper scraps. Through the drawing process, the inert exercises quicken and become moments of transformation, reconciling the dichotomy of things within and out of our control. Disparate parts give rise to new wholes.

Kathryn Killackey emerging artist with a background in archaeology and science illustration. My artwork addresses themes stemming from this background, including material culture, memory, transformation, and organic processes. I’m currently working on my Ontario Arts Council funded project Neighbors, a drawing series exploring nonhuman animals’ experience of urban spaces.

Wyczolkowski, Nadine. Canvas, 2015. Photography. $250.

Nadine Wyczolkowski: over/looked

Oct 4 – 29 | Members’ Gallery

Reception: Oct 14, 7-9PM

Though seemingly disparate, a dialogue is created exploring homogenous geometric textural qualities. The scale and context vary greatly yet their comparable attributes draw them together. The strong emphasis on geometry, exploring the aesthetic of line and texture, toys with the idea of what minutia, often overlooked, binds everything.

Nadine Wyczolkowski is a painter, etcher, and photographer. Common themes in her art explore nature, built environments, and geometric abstraction. Her art has been exhibited in museums, public, commercial, artist- and student-run galleries in over 50 exhibitions (solo, group, juried, festival, fundraising) in Canada, Italy, Japan, Poland and the United States. Wyczolkowski’s works are in public and private collections in Canada, Poland, Spain and the United States. She was a recipient of Exhibition Assistance Grants and a Career Catalyst: Project Grant for New Generation Artists (2022) from the Ontario Arts Council.