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JeMini Baptiste
Oreka James
Sylvia Limbana
Ekow Stone

January 13 – February 24, 2023
Reception: January 13, 2023, 7 - 10 pm

Sylvia Limbana – “I Saw Sparks” 2022, Screen Print, Acrylic paint. Image courtesy of the artist.

exhibition description

WIP is a group exhibition featuring the self-curated work of Black Artists Union members, Jemini Baptiste, Oreka James, Sylvia Limbana and Ekow Stone, the 2022 Incite Foundation Residency artists at Centre[3] for Artistic and Social Practice. Throughout their residency, the artists pushed the boundaries of their individual and collective practice, experimenting with new materials and approaches in screen printing, painting, video and installation. This exhibition is a celebration of the powerful and thoughtful work that emerged from these artists’ processes during their time in Centre[3]’s studios. WIP is a testament to the power of ongoing collaboration and the transformation that can happen when artists come together to support each other and learn as a collective.


Jem Baptiste is a multi medium experimental art maker based in Toronto. They create in many forms to satisfy the yearn of their energetic and emotional psyche. Their work explores themes of passion, curiosity, anger, journey and rebirth.

Oreka James is a multidisciplinary and material-based artist currently living and working in Toronto.

Sylvia Limbana is an artist based in Scarborough Ontario. As a painter she primarily works with gouache and acrylic. Her work explores themes of family, childhood and the immigrant experience. You can usually find her sifting through piles of old family albums looking for inspiration while deeply reminiscing. Sylvia’s work is a practice heavily tinted with nostalgia.

Ekow Stone is an artist, farmer, and educator based in Toronto, Ontario. He makes art for enjoyment and connection. Ekow works primarily in pen, printing and pyrography exploring themes of creation, origins, and transformation. Ekow co-manages vegetable production and coordinates educational programming on a 2.5 acre urban farm. He is obsessed with flower gazing, watching anime, and learning about ancient history.

Black Artists Union Collective (BAU) is an artist collective supporting and facilitating the movement of Black artists and creatives.


The Centre[3] Incite Foundation Residency is a 12-week self-directed residency for artists working across multiple disciplines. The residency offers artists dedicated studio time, space and technical support to explore ideas and techniques in Centre[3]’s facilities for traditional printmaking, including lithography, silkscreen, and intaglio, as well as digital printing, media arts, and textiles.

This residency is generously supported by the Incite Foundation for the Arts, the City of Hamilton and the Ontario Arts Council.