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You Shine, I Shine, We All Shine!

Gabe Baribeau, Hannah deJonge, Shanika Maria, Alexander McMillan, Michael Schnittker, Charlie Star

Curated By

Ariel Bader-Shamai and Sahra Soudi

July 4- August 10, 2019

Reception: Friday, July 12, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Inspired by Shine Theory, You Shine, I Shine, We All Shine! is a multidisciplinary approach that works towards empowering artists to work together as collaborators, rather than competitors. You Shine, I Shine, We All Shine! calls attention to the ways that capitalism intentionally works against collectivity by instilling the idea that success and reward are associated with individualism. Artists were asked to meditate on themes of community, comradery, allyship, solidarity, and teamwork — themes that are not fully represented or explored through artistic practice.

Ariel Bader-Shamai is a multidisciplinary artist, whose primary medium is photography, and an arts administrator living in Hamilton. She is a co-founder of arts collective HAVN.

Sahra Soudi is a multimedia artist, curator, and community organizer based in Hamilton whose art practice is rooted in social justice activism. They are inspired by collectivity and community.

(Sow and Friedman, 2013)


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