MEMBER OF THE MONTH — Jocelyn Boville

Apr 22, 2022 | Jeff Chow — Communications Manager @ Centre[3]

Our Member of the Month, Jocelyn sitting on a stool in her studio They are holding a peace sign.

Member of the Month is an ongoing series where we highlight one of our Center[3] members and their work. If you are a Centre[3] member hoping to get featured, please send us a message to Alternatively, you can also become a Centre[3] member by signing up here:


Writes Jocelyn, “I am an artist by nature and necessity: for me, art is a way of processing complex ideas and emotions about the world and communicating those things that can’t be adequately summed up in words.

My recent body of work, “Elsewhere,” revolves around themes of reality and fantasy, tethering, and escape. It tests the line between taking a healthy break from the weight of the world versus an abandonment of what is real. Each piece explores themes of fantasy, isolation, and other-worldliness. The works encourage the viewer to ask questions, not find answers.”


Q: How did you become a Centre[3] member?

JB: I’d been interested in Centre[3] as a workspace for years but never got around to checking it out until a few of my friends decided to get memberships as well. I’ve only been a member for a few months so I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what Centre[3] has to offer, but I’m excited to see what connections I make and what new skills I learn here in the coming years!


Q: What does “community” mean to you in relation to your work?

JB: “Community” for me as an artist means being surrounded by other people who understand life via art, who give me opportunities to think and live creatively , and who give me the crucial boost of inspiration that I often need to put the pen to paper. 


Q: What has been bringing you joy or inspiring you lately?

JB: Lately I’ve been inspired by the idea that I don’t need to make something perfect: I just need to make something. And that creating for the sake of creating us far more rewarding than creating for the sake of perfection.