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Emerging Artist Residency 2016


Jacquie Cudmore, Natalie Hunter, Liz Little, Alex R. M. Thompson

April 15 - May 28, 2016

Opening Reception: Friday, May 13 – 7-10 pm

This unique residency program provides top emerging artists with the opportunity to work in a co-operative, artist run centre environment, allowing them to hone their skills in both print and digital media. In the print studio, artists engage in traditional printmaking practices such as screen printing, lithography, relief, and etching. In the digital and media art studios, artists may develop their photography skills or work on video and films.
Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts would like to graciously acknowledge the generous contribution and support from the Art Circle members as well as their participation in choosing the best of show prize award.

Jaquie Cudmore:Keep Out

A conflict between community in the physical versus the virtual realm is expressed through traditional methods of quilting. In contrast a quilt is paired with passive aggressive text with the words Keep Out which is partially covered and/or contains traces of joy translated through screen printing and fibres.

Natalie Hunter:Rosy Pictures

Rosy Pictures is a body of photographic work that explores notions of nostalgia and memory through the relationship between process, material, and medium. Imagery from an extensive collection of found colour slides are layered, illuminated, and re-photographed using light to form new spaces that rest somewhere in-between reality and fiction. In this way, imagery and time simultaneously disintegrate and compress as new spaces, and narratives are formed.

Liz Little:Songs of Love and Hate

Songs of Love and Hateis a series of collographs that focuses on changes that occur through process and relationships. Colours, like emotions, shift in curves and waves. Shapes overlap and transform. Like a mantra or a melody, they repeat and become a vibration, a murmur, their individual identity subsumed by the whole.

Alex R. M. Thompson: Parthenon: Interim

Parthenon: Interim is a multi-media exhibition that seeks to capture a trajectory of development, using architectural motifs to address the formation of monuments, and their changing identity throughout history up to the present day. Construction and circulation stand in for the archaic column, pediment, and statue, representing a democratized and fluid definition of monument that refutes singular achievement in favour of a more collective accomplishment.